Group Insurance for Professional Firms

What is it?

In essence, it’s an insurance product that allows a firm to aggregate with a number of other smaller professional firms (1-10+ partners ) and collectively become part of a Professional Group Insurance package.

Professional firms include Legal, Accounting, Engineering and most businesses that have a registered professional association.

There are some requirements about entry where “automatic acceptance terms” apply. Contact us to discuss whether this would apply to you.

Types of Covers Available

Death, Permanent Disablement, Trauma, Income Protection and Medical.  In all cases, there is a choice of the levels of benefit and a wide range of additional options to tailor the cover to the needs of the client.

Particular Benefits of Group Insurance for Professional Firms

A number of benefits are provided including:

  • Lower premiums while maintaining sound, core policy wordings
  • Generous underwriting terms. (This means that often there is little or no underwriting. Similar cover bought as an individual may include exclusions and/or “loaded” premiums)
  • The ability to include additional cover if desired