Group Insurance for Larger Companies and Organisations

What is Group Insurance?

Tailored benefits for groups of 10 or more employees with premium discounts and underwriting concessions based on the size of the group and whether the employer is covering the full premiums or partly subsidising the cost to staff.

Group plans can also be arranged for collective organisations such as business associations.

The group plans can be structured to meet the business requirements now and into the future.

Types of Covers Available

Death, Permanent Disablement, Trauma, Income Protection and Medical.  In all cases, there is a choice of the levels of benefit and a wide range of additional options to tailor the cover to the needs of the client.

Particular Benefits of Group Insurance

  • Easy access to high levels of cover
  • Cover available to all employees to set levels without medical underwriting
  • Discounted premiums
  • Minimal administration